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MADferia - Feria de Artes Escénicas de Madrid

The Performing Arts Fair of Madrid (MADferia) was born in 2005, when we saw the need to create a buying and selling market and a space for exchange between professionals of the sector, until then nonexistent in Madrid.

The main objective of MADferia is to exhibit the best stage shows of small and medium format, with special attention to facts produced by the theatrical fabric of Madrid, so that the serious ones are seen and, where appropriate, hired by the programmers and distributors of all the Spain and international points. Through the Fair this sector of the market is designed, it is needed in these difficult times, it is given to the Madrid theater and, consequently, employment is generated in the field of the performing arts.

With this project we have managed, since the first edition, to create a very special synergy between the three institutions that converge in our capital: INAEM, Comunidad de Madrid and Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

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