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ARTEMAD is a non-profit, professional association, made up of companies producing the Performing Arts of the Community of Madrid. It was born in 1996, and at the moment is in process of growth.

ARTEMAD agglutinates companies that from their idiosyncracy defend similar artistic and business foundations. Companies with vocation of public service in our artistic projects, with an added value as far as the formation of professionals.

We are an Alternative segment within the Madrid Theater Sector. We are a public service of private management, we reinvest the benefit in the artistic projects in which we are engaged. This deserves a recognition and a consideration that it does not now have in the budgets of the central and autonomous governments, in the regulations governing subsidies, in the designs of the Theater Networks, and in the operation of the sector in general.

ARTEMAD is integrated within the State Federation of Associations of Enterprises of Theater and Dance (FAETEDA), whose birth was also impelling in 1996. She has also been a member since the creation of the Spanish State Fair Coordinator - COFAE, and the Contemporary Scene Association.

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we are 27 associated companies